Friday, April 29, 2005

ice cream

I was in an ice cream shop on Leicester Square the other day, with a butch lesbian domme.

She ordered vanilla.

Two scoops.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm. Vanilla can be the richest, most decadent taste of all - at the right time, in the right place, using all the tongue to absorb all the flavor. Ohhh have to go now. Rosie

Lili said...

Damn you!

Dad Jay said...

Mmmmmm, vanilla, best served with a topping, no?
Maybe something subtly fruity?
Or chocolate?
Grapes or Cherries?

This is fun!

MonMouth said...

I had mine with lashings...

...of blood-red cherry sauce.

Lili said...

Damn you twice, Mon - once for your teasing post and once more for your teasing comment.
Don't make me damn you thrice.
Or - please do.

Virgin Slut said...

Yum! Vanilla with juicy, stewed brandied cherries is to die for.
Licking off the leftover juice is optional.

Freya said...

A scoop for each nipple.

Dad Jay said...

Too much!
A scoop, a bow, a twirl, fancy footwork, even fancier handwork...and immensely succulent ideas.

Lili said...

Well, I must say Mon, you succeeded in one thing with your teasing post - you got everyone playing your fruity game.

Except me.:-)

How come I won't play, Mon? :-(

Lili said...

Oops sorry - Ice Creamy game.
I've lost my ball today.

santon said...

honestly, i'm so used to that sort of thing. i work in a deli and two very butch lesbians come in arms around one another and ask:

"where are the sausages?"

Whirlbrain said...

Really nice ironic metaphor, Mon.

I lusted after a straight black girl today so my order is double dip chocolate, melted.


unfurling said...

sorry to come over all literal on you (!), but I actually was in the Haagen Dasz shop in Leicester Sq on Friday. With a lesbian. Very weird.

Beth said...