Monday, February 26, 2007

The Smudge

"Did you know there's an upstairs to this place?" I whispered into her ear, leaning in from behind as we stood at the bar, waiting.


"Yeah. And it's quiet. And dark."

"That's interesting. What do you want to drink?"

"You know exactly what I want. You know where the elevator is?"

She nodded with a vague smile.

"Up the stairs behind. I'll wait around the corner."

"Sure you don't want a drink?"

I nibbled at her earlobe in response, sliding my hand down her back. I could feel the shape of her thong through the soft fabric of the turquoise dress.

Upstairs was indeed quite dark. A disused small hall, with stacks of chairs lining the short corridor leading to a small alcove and a locked double door. The carpeting was old-fashioned, dull and thick, great for dampening any noise.

I didn't hear her come up the stairs until she was almost at the top.

"So, what do you want to show me?"

"Oh, it's good," I whispered, taking her hand and leading her into the shadowy half-privacy of the alcove. I pulled her to me, up against the wall for a kiss, and she leaned back, resisting.

"Don't... my makeup."

"Yeah?" I kissed her neck. "You sure about that?" I slid my thigh in between her legs, and pushed her skirt up a little. She sighed very quietly, and pressed her crotch against me.

"I'm relying on your generosity." I pressed her hand against the hard bulge on the front of my trousers.

"Mmmhmm... yes, but I'm definitely going to want some later."

"You will get anything you wish for, darling. Now, down on your knees."

She slid to the floor in front of me and started unbuttoning.

"Good." She reached in and pulled my cock out, looking at it for a moment. Her freshly-glossed lips glistened in the half-dark when she opened her mouth.

She took it in as far as she could, immediately. I gasped when the tip of my cock hit her tongue, wiggling against the underside.

"Be quiet," she glanced up at me, then swallowed my cock again, grasping the base with her hand.

This was not some teasing, foreplay blowjob. It was a serious assault on my hard, throbbing cock, intended to make me come as fast possible before anyone found out what we were up to, and motivated by a combination of lust, anxiety, exhibitionism, and greed for the hot cum I was about to fill her mouth with.

She likes it. The stolen moment, the hiding, the lustfully ungracious and crude speed of the blowjob. And she went for it.

My heart was beating, I knew we didn't have much time until someone noticed. Worse, if someone might wander up there looking for a quiet spot of their own...

"Oh shit..."

Speeding up, she sucked with even more force, her cheeks tightening around me.

"I'm coming."

Very quietly. I came, fucking her mouth, holding her head still, enjoying the sense of using her for my selfish pleasure. The slurping sound seemed rudely loud in the quiet of the upstairs. She swallowed, and we stayed still, listening if any unwelcome ears were lurking around the corner.

She wiped her lips against he sides of my softening cock, and I helped her to her feet.

"Careful," she whispered, giggling, "don't get cumstains on my dress. How do I look?"

"Not like a woman who just gave a fantastic blowjob."

"Thank you." She kissed me, our tongues intertwining, not giving a shit about the lipstick. It was all gone.

Wobbling slightly on her heels, she turned around. "See you in a bit."

I put my cock back and buttoned my fly. Waited for a respectable few minutes. Someone might guess what we'd been up to, but there was no reason to make it easy for them.


Isabella Snow said...

There's a good boy!

I do love it when a man thrusts a leg between my thighs. Especially if it thrusts over the correct spot.

Lovely post.

Rach said...

That was wonderful.

Sneaky blowjobs feet away from a room full of people is the biggest turn on, I hope you returned the favour.

Preheated said...

So there really exists a man with this good of a grip on seduction and language?

I've been wasting my time blowing so many others...

kimmy said...

mons writing should be made compulsory for all women. it certainly is for me and my electrical friend. he makes me feel like im actually there, with his leg between my thighs...

ella said...

i can't thnk of a better way to start my monday morning. thank you x

now, WHERE did i put my lipstick....

Delaila said...

yummmmmm.... Mon, you are amazing!

Anonymous said...

that's a nice suck-cum story. hmmmmm.

MsBehavn said...

Those stolen moments are very hot.

Thanks for sharing this one!

Anonymous said...

the leg between the thighs is such a turn on.

thanks for reminding me what I'm missing.


Anonymous said...

The smudge mystery solved.Kinky..

Viviane said...

Oooh la la.

Paris was superb. Missed you.

littlegem said...

LOVE being used for selfish pleasure....mmmmm!

MonMouth said...

Littlegem, bend over my dear...

Viv, Paris - sigh

Anonymous said...

Hi Monmouth, I was wondering if all your stories really happened to you or whether you're just really good at writing stuff to turn people on.

MonMouth said...

Anonymous, that's a good question. Given what can happen to bloggers who say otherwise, I'm afraid I have to say that it's all fiction.

EmmaK said...

Ooh Monmouth, you have hit the mark once again!!

Isabel said...

Do you men really like a little smudge of color as a reminder of what was? I've never tried with lipstick but apparently I do pretty damn well without.

MonMouth said...

Speaking for all men, all over the world, I say with absolute authority that we like getting blowjobs that leave lipstick smudges, yes :)

Honestly, I don't know. The famous smudge was just there when she'd had her way with me.

me said...

but i thought that you were using her for YOUR selfish pleasure? (please let it be so...)

Pandora said...

Oooo.. meetings like these are so delicious!

Desire X said...

Friends, plans and opportunity make for a delightfully powerful and slightly dangerous liason. Good enough to put a smirk on your smudge!

mindblowing said...

such a turn on, mmmm.

mon, thanks for the great smudge.
left me off on the way to a great masturbation session.

yummy. oohh. ahhh!