Thursday, June 24, 2010


The first time I watched other people have sex was not the moment of unqualified lusty pleasure that I imagined it would be. Once all the clothes were off, none of us knew what to do next. I suddenly felt an intense burst of self-conscious doubt, seeing him bury his face in between her legs. The tip of his tongue circled her clit. She leaned back on the pillows, eyes closed and moaning - lost in herself for a moment.

Her hand rested softly on my cock, almost as if she’d forgotten about it. I stroked her shoulder, noticing the complex, spindly lines of the tattoo woven around her deltoid. Seeing the pleasure they took in each other’s bodies, my arousal curdled into doubt: “What am I doing here? How can I add anything to this? They don’t need me.” She arched her back and tightened her grip around the base of my cock, orgasm pulsing through her body.

The boyfriend raised his head, surprised: “What was that?” His face glistened, wet. She turned around, laughing like she didn't quite know what was happening. “I’m on tonight babe...” The tip of my cock vanished into her mouth.

“Honey?” She sucked on me between sentences. “Can you...” Slurp. “Fuck me from behind.” Another pause while she enjoyed a good, long lick. “Please.”

And I got it, seeing the look in his eye when he spread her open and slid his fingers inside: That’s what my role was. To lean back, relax and simply be there for this intense new experience. I was their first third, and my presence alone was enough to make all of us wonder what exactly we were supposed to do.

Not knowing, we improvised.


Elly said...

Some of what I consider to be my best pieces receive no comments on my blog. (This post may be moderated now to reveal a stream of praise in which case ignore my comment).

I like this writing because there is an element of freedom in terms of how the reader can experience it. Freedom from names and places and timescales so s/he can interpret her/his own meanings onto it.

Also, it brings the author more sharply into focus which is the kind of writing I like. If there is going to be an 'I' in the frame, we may as well learn a little bit about that person/figure.

So, I say fuck populism. And keep improvising.

P.s. I never know which log in is going to come up on blogger. So to avoid misleading any 'readers' I am either quietriotgirl or Elly, or both. But never neither.

Nancy said...

Elly, maybe people just like to comment on a Monday, so it can read "on Mon", which sounds a lovely place to be...

Anonymous said...

Hee, that's funny.

I don't know, I really like this post and its honesty (well, vulnerability?) but I don't know what to say about it.

Though I see a manual in Mon's future publishing career... Learning to Be A Love God, Mon's Early Days :)

WV: mingl :)


Elly said...

*doesn't say anything about the gendered discourses of kinky sex blogs* *doesn't even need any artificial gagging equipment*

MonMouth said...

Elly, thanks for the generous remarks. You never know what gets comments, or what readers might pick up on in a given post.

The surprising thing is that if you look at a heatmap of where visitors click on a blog page, the comments links are the "hottest" spot on the page. So, only a small fraction of readers leaves a comment, but a large proportion likes to read them, it seems.

Vida, that's a lovely idea, but I don't do treeware:)

Nancy, I'm sure it would be delightful to have you on a Monday.

Lili said...

I don't know why people worry about comments. They shouldn't. You see your traffic, that should be enough.

Nancy said...

If you want me on a Monday, just send me some kind of invite. You never know, I might even reply :-)

Elly said...

Hi Lili,
As a blogger, I like interacting with my readers so I enjoy getting comments. If I didn't get any I would find blogging a lonely business. I don't know if MonMouth agrees?

My blog is different though as I write a lot about gender and politics. I find it interesting that I get a lot of comments on my political blogposts, and far fewer on my erotica ones. I think some of my readers are shy about admitting being interested in both gender politics and smut. Or maybe I am just not such a hot writer of smut as M.

Sorry I said I'd not mention the g-spot. This is my blog anyway:

Cheeky Minx said...

Hmmm, I'm clearly a little behind here!

I love this piece because it captures a certain complexity, that slightly 'awkward as arse' moment before improvisation kicks in.

(And I continue to devour every delicious word even when I'm lurking in the shadows...)

MonMouth said...

Blogging would indeed be boring and lonely without comments.

Ms. Minx, I must confess I read your blog in a similar way. And many others (see my sidebar for the reading list). I don't think I'll start bemoaning any perceived lack of commentary on my blog anytime soon. My glass house has many windows.

Nancy said...

Aww, noone devours my words. I'm too busy being poorly at the moment ro write any. That's why I rely on yours, Mon!

sliveredlight said...

better late than never, I wanted to come back to sing your praises AGAIN and tell you that I am busy gathering fans for you on an online community ;) you are my erotic-literature idol and I hope that once I get my own writing underway, it's half as popular as yours.

Also, I had to get myself off in rather spectacular fashion after reading this piece. well done.

Canada loves Mon.

lucy said...

amazing love the honesty of that akward moment...

Liras said...

Improvising is such a good thing...