Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Not quite yet

The first thing I noticed were the very tall bookshelves. "I like your bedroom."

I ignored Kay's enormous bed, and sat down on a sturdy wooden chair that seemed to double as a pair of steps for fetching things off the top shelf.

"Strip, please."

Kay undressed down to her knickers, red heels and tan holdup stockings. She wiggled with impatience, and smiled in a cat/cream sort of way when I picked up one of the coils of rope that she'd laid out so conveniently at the foot of her bed.

Standing face to face, I wove a snug bodice of rope around her body, a doubled strand passed in between her legs with a large knot resting on the mound of her pubis. When I threaded the rope back and forth around her upper body, from waist to chest, it gradually pulled tighter against the satiny fabric of her knickers. She smiled even wider when I told her to kneel in front of a chair, strategically positioned in front of a mirror.

With her hands tied behind her back she soon discovered that I'd linked the wrist tie to the strand that led to the big soft knot pushing directly on her clit.

I stood up, walked around and admired her kneeling figure - the small, delicate breasts, the pale roundness of her bottom - and removed my clothes as slowly as I could. She licked her lips.

"Maybe I've made a mistake." I stood in front of her, stroking my cock.

"What kind of mistake?" she asked, watching me intently.

"Well, you're kneeling there with your bottom sticking out, but I've stupidly put all this rope over your cunt. And you're so wet."

"Yes," she nodded.

"You'd like to get fucked, wouldn't you?"

Kay nodded some more.

"That's too bad for you. Instead, I am going to use your mouth. For my pleasure." I grabbed her by the hair, her lips just an inch away from the tip of my cock.

She snuck her tongue out to cover the distance. I almost gave in to the temptation, but not quite.

"Not yet..."


Vida said...


SK said...

You always make me purr Mon.

The Fury said...

ha! I really do need to learn how to tie ropes...

Nancy said...

Good job you didnt fuck her, she might have gotten 'pinched'.

MonMouth said...

Fury, it's a useful skill:)

Nancy, no labia were harmed during the research for this blog post. You can rest easy.

ShySarah said...

Mmmm the word rope was enough for me

Blueyxx said...

Mon, Perhaps you could/should run rope tying classes...??

Vida said...

Oh dear God, can you imagine how oversubscribed they'd be?

MonMouth said...

Haha! Rope tying classes would be a pain to organize. I'm more into private tutorials:)

Nancy said...

Private tutorials are good - perhaps you should start charging again??

Anonymous said...

Private tutorials? Dear God, can you imagine how oversubscribed those would be?!


Vida x

wv: ornmccrow

Next erotic hero I write is going to be called Orn McCrow.

sweetpea said...

I love the quiet control in the instructions you give, I can almost hear you saying "strip, please".
I'm loving all your rope posts!