Friday, September 30, 2011

Lucy Gets Used (5th and final instalment)

I pulled out and told Lucy to stick her arse in the air.

"Show me how obedient you can be..." I said, positioning her on the bed, pushing her thighs a bit further apart, casually slipping two fingers in between her slick, plumped-up labia.

"Now, because you're just here for my pleasure, I'm going to modify your cunt a little..."

I lubed up the smaller steel buttplug, and pressed the cold, hard tip against the pucker of her arse. Lucy shivered, wriggled and pressed against it (a bit too eagerly for someone supposedly being used for another's pleasure).

I pulled the toy away. "Hold yoursel open with both hands. Spread for me."

She obeyed, waiting, posed in front of me, kneeling with her face pressed down against the sheet, buttocks raised.

I slid the plug inside, slowly at first, then let her anus swallow it once I'd pushed it inside, past the thickest point.

When I placed my cock against the slick opening of her cunt, she let out a deep, luscious groan that continued while I worked my cock inside her.

The bulge of the plug inside her pressed against the shaft of my cock while I slid in and out of her. "This is nice. I'm enjoying fucking you like this, with a modified pussy. It's like having my own customized sex toy... with tits."

This time I didn't bother holding back.

Fucking her slowly, I relished every stroke selfishly, building up to an orgasm that stretched out in long waves of sensation. I was acutely aware of every millimetre of skin as it passed in and out of her tight warmth, stretched around me and the toy up her arse.

"Maybe I won't kick you out right away," I said, withdrawing. "You have been very good..."

At this point a pause, our sweaty limbs draped ove one another, yet humming with arousal. Hers. Unmet needs, a moist throbbing...

I cupped my hand over the rise of her pubis, fingers seeking out the swollen, wet lips.

Lucy angled her hips, rearranged herself subtly for access. Spread her legs with a smiling purr of anticipation. She wanted hers now.

Between us a subtle change of mood. An urgency in the thusts of her hips against my fingers. The game had been played out. Satisfying as it had been, it was time for a new one. I settled in between her legs, my mouth descending on the swollen pout of her labia.

Feeling like I had all the time in the world, I enjoyed being along for the ride, only stopping when there was no doubt that she'd come as much as she needed to, or wanted.

For now.


ekho_reborn said...

These were amazingly hot. Thanks for writing - I enjoyed reading!

And how odd that my verification word is a mis-spelling of biddable..

Anonymous said...

Please write more like this, so hot! x

S. said...

It's in a great way you write about this.

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kristinalloyd said...

I enjoyed this series lots! So vile, so hot. And a happy ending!

MonMouth said...

Thank you all for the compliments. Kristina, the phrase "so vile, so hot" has made me smile all day:)

Janeway said...

It's also nice when a man is, um, accommodating in such a special way...

PS - word is "suffer" :)

clarissa said...

Very nice indeed :)!!

Laura said...

Yum, so glad you're back. Really needed this today.

Gwyn said...

A set like that was worth the wait. Now I remember why I always check here for new posts, even when it's been a while. Another for the favorites list to get me through the dry spells.

Anonymous said...

i checked your blog in bed last night on my phone ....what a wonderful bed time read you were...thankyou x