Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three (8)

Ms. T and I broke off for a kiss and fondle, behind Jessica's back.

They both take profound pleasure in the theatre of sex - dressing to undress. T, now down to her knickers, black holdups and irresponsibly high heels, stalked around us for a moment. I stroked Jessica's defenseless pink bottom while T surveyed  her kingsize domain with a mischievous smile.

Her arse in the air, Jessica was enjoying herself serving as the centre of attention.

In wordless coordination, T and I moved into new positions. Jessica's mouth was fetchingly positioned at the edge of the bed. It seemed like an obvious next step to remove my clothes right in front of her nose while T slid a pair of fingers down between Jessica's thighs.

I can't say for sure, not being able to see what was going on over on the other side, but I'm pretty sure that T did not put any fingers inside Jessica until I had stuffed her mouth full of cock from the other direction.

The muffled sound was deep and greedy. Hungry.


Anonymous said...

Fuck i love this story.

MonMouth said...

Ah, that's the type of reaction I'm after:)

Cheeky Minx said...

This is the exact reaction of a good many of us, Mon, even if we don't always growl out the words in the public sphere. A 'deep, greedy, hungry' reaction...

Anonymous said...

I particularly enjoyed not quite giving Jessica what she needed. Never quite enough pressure. Always gliding by the most sensitive parts of her. Denial, at its most exquisite.